The Origin of Feces: What Excrement Tells Us About Evolution, Ecology, and a Sustainable Society

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By (author): Waltner-Toews, David
Subject:  SCIENCE / General
  SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Ecology
  SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Evolution
  SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / Cultural & Social
Publisher: ECW Press
Published: May 2013
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 232
Size: 8.25in x 5.25in x 0.50in
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From The Publisher*

An entertaining and enlightening exploration of why waste matters, this cultural history explores an often ignored subject matter and makes a compelling argument for a deeper understanding of human and animal waste. Approaching the subject from a variety of perspectives-evolutionary, ecological, and cultural-this examination shows how integral excrement is to biodiversity, agriculture, public health, food production and distribution, and global ecosystems. From primordial ooze, dung beetles, bug frass, cat scats, and flush toilets to global trade, pandemics, and energy, this is the awesome, troubled, uncensored story of feces.

Review Quote*"David Waltner-Toews picks up the thread with his impassioned treatise on the long, strange, even transcendent afterlife of poop in The Origin of Feces, a book whose cover is guaranteed to make you few friends at the coffee shop." -Peter Brannan,
Review Quote*"More than just a "bathroom read", this book offers delightful revelations of the history, evolution, and effects our bowel movements have on our world." -Publisher's Weekly
Review Quote*"whether it's a gag gift, a toilet-side alternative to Sudoku or just some light, easily digestible po(o)p-sci fare, The Origin of Feces is sure to be a fun and pungent read." -Bookish
Review Quote*"an informative book." -Tom Kenned, Science Spin
Review Quote*"informative and entertaining." -Alex Good, Quill and Quire
Review Quote*"Until you read this, you really won't know sh*t." -Publisher's Weekly
Review Quote*"This is a rare book in that it offers something for everyone on your Christmas book list: the epidemiologist, the economist, the microbiologist, the anthropologist, sociologist and historian. The classicist will appreciate the numerous knowledgeable references to Roman, Greek and Babylonian culture and mythology, the literary scholar the etymologies and derivations, as well as the quotations from Blake." -Tim Sly, Literary Review of Canada
Review Quote*"[A]stonishingly readable and interesting." -Svenska Dagbladet
Biographical Note

David Waltner-Toews is a veterinarian and epidemiologist. He is the author of The Chickens Fight Back: Pandemic Panics and Deadly Diseases That Jump from Animals to People and Food, Sex and Salmonella: Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario.