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American Manifesto: Saving Democracy from Villains, Vandals, and Ourselves

Category: Book
By (author): Garfield, Bob
Subject:  NON-FICTION / General
  POLITICAL SCIENCE / Commentary & Opinion
  POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism
  POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / Media & Internet
Audience: general/trade
Publisher: Counterpoint
Published: January 2020
Format: Book-hardcover
Pages: 208
Size: 8.25in x 5.50in
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*Do you fear for our democracy? Are you perplexed by Trumpism? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Don't! This is your guidebook to reassembling our hyperpolarized American society in six (not-so-easy) steps, written by cohost of WNYC'sOn the Media Bob Garfield

As is often observed, Trump is a symptom of a virus that has been incubating for at least fifty years. But not often observed is where the virus is imbedded: in the psychic core of our identity. InAmerican Manifesto: Saving Democracy from Villains, Vandals, and Ourselves, Bob Garfield examines the tragic confluence of the American preoccupation with identity and the catastrophic disintegration of the mass media. Garfield investigates how we've gotten to this moment when our identity is threatened by both the left and the right, whene pluribus unum is no longer a source of national pride, and why, when looking through this lens of identity, the rise of Trumpism is no surprise. Overlaying that crisis is the rise of the Facebook-Google duopoly and the filter-bubble archipelago where identity is tribal and immutable.

But fear not! WNYC'sOn the Media cohost Garfield has ideas about how we may counter the forces of fragmentation-the manifesto itself: six steps for citizens to take to reassemble our fractured society. A quick, fascinating read,American Manifesto offers not only a vision "of a country in extremis," but also a plan for how to address the ways in which our democracy is imperiled.American Manifesto is a call to action, unmistakable and provocative.
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Praise forAmerican Manifesto

"In the vast, bland American wasteland of homogenized, regurgitated media, there is a lone, heroic taco truck. Bob Garfield is that taco truck. Nourishing. Defiant. Also very smart and very brave.American Manifesto is his spicy masterpiece."-–Alec Baldwin

"Garfield's (Bedfellows, 2012, etc.) manifesto stands out from those already published partly because of the specific proposals but mostly because of the breezy . . . tone . . . An interesting manifesto that will incite debate."-Kirkus Reviews

"In a time when explanations seem to be in short order and solutions virtually extinct, books like Bob Garfield'sAmerican Manifesto are a godsend. Here is a serious, probing work that gets to the heart of why we're in this political and cultural crisis and, miraculously enough, provides plausible solutions as to how to find our way out. Absolutely necessary reading."––Jared Yates Sexton, author ofThe Man They Wanted Me to Be

"InAmerican Manifesto, Bob Garfield bares our national soul, and it's hellishly dark. We've divided ourselves by everything under the sun, eroding the idea of America as the common home of the many. With wit, passion, and insight, Garfield dissects the problem and issues a call to action. He will convince you that it's time to get out the door."-Thomas E. Patterson, Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press at Harvard University and author ofHow America Lost Its Mind

"Bob Garfield speaks truth not just to power, but to the dangerously disempowered. Unflinchingly direct yet courageously sympathetic, hisAmerican Manifesto deconstructs the most infectious media virus of all time. Here is the vaccination that our collective immune system so desperately needs."-Douglas Rushkoff, author ofPresent Shock andTeam Human

Praise forCan't Buy Me Like

"This is a fabulous book that describes a revolutionary new vision for marketing, the Relationship Era, based on purpose, authenticity, trust and care. Written in an easy-to-read style and full of interesting stories, this book is both inspiring and fun. I give it my highest recommendation."-John Mackey, founder and co-CEO, Whole Foods

"This book is funny, a bit profane and utterly profound. At Patagonia, we cherish our relationships, but these guys have located and explained dimensions of the Relationship Era that opened my eyes-and mind. What an enjoyable and enlighten­ing journey."-Casey Sheahan, CEO, Patagonia

"Can't Buy Me Like speaks clearly to the challenges every CEO and CMO is con­fronting. It identifies the collapse of mass marketing as we have known it and provides example after example of how successful companies build trust in the ‘new world.'"-Ron Shaich, founder, chairman and co-CEO, Panera Bread

"The digital and social revolution has challenged even the most sophisticated mar­keters among us. But thankfully Garfield and Levy have given us a much needed blueprint for thriving in this new relationship era of marketing. This is the book I don't want my competitors to read."-Eric Ryan, cofounder, Method, and author ofThe Method Method

"At last! Garfield and Levy have delivered a manifesto on what really matters to brands today: honest relationships. They do so by focusing not on our shiny social technologies but on the fundamentally changed relationship between business and customer in a world that looks less like a megaphone and much more like a network. Read this book; then challenge your business to live by it!"-David Rogers, author ofThe Network Is Your Customer

"Can't Buy Me Like compellingly captures one of the biggest trends of our time. If there is a gap between a business's image and its reality, it will soon be found out and the business will be punished for it. Using their in-depth industry knowledge in this beautifully written and immensely readable book, Garfield and Levy describe in detail how to succeed in the new world."-David Jones, global chief executive officer, HAVAS, and author ofWho Cares Wins

"Garfield and Levy show how smart, conscious marketers can leverage today's extraordinary technologies to build authentic relationships with customers based on trust, authenticity and shared purpose. This book will usher in a new renais­sance in which the marketing function can finally fulfill its own largely unrealized higher purpose."-Raj Sisodia, coauthor ofConscious Capitalism andFirms of Endearment, marketing professor, Bentley University

"At Zappos, relationships have always been a top priority.Can't Buy Me Like explores why this is so important for all companies. Garfield and Levy smartly describe how to build relationships with customers, vendors and employees to create an extraordinary business."-Tony Hsieh, author ofDelivering Happiness and CEO,, Inc.

Praise forThe Chaos Scenario

"Now, for the citizens, consumers, congregants and audience (plus members of the media's teetering Old Guard),The Chaos Scenario; just might be the killer app to help sort out those changes.––Associated Press

"Tales of total industrial collapse have never been so fun! Garfield's analysis of the total disruption of the media industry (and how it may be reborn) is right, prescient and wildly entertaining."––Chris Anderson, author ofThe Long Tail and Free

Praise forAnd Now a Few Words From Me

"[Bob Garfield] is irreverent, funny and tough."––USA Today

"If you crave insight into the wacky, zany, madcap-albeit very serious-business of advertising, this is a great place to begin."––Miami Herald

"And Now a Few Words from Me is a must read for all young people who want to get into advertising, and for all of us old people who want to get out."––Jerry Della Femina, author ofFrom Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor

"Garfield is going to piss a lot of people off, because he has the guts to tell it like it is."––Sergio Zyman, author ofThe End of Advertising as We Know It

"No one knows the ad biz-the good, the bad, and the ugly-better than Bob Garfield. This book offers sorely needed advice."––Jack Trout, author ofA Genie's Wisdom

"What Bob Garfield achieves here-simultaneous seriousness and irreverence-is a very hard thing to pull off."––Kurt Anderson, author ofTurn of the Century

"A brazenly funny . . . and hard-hitting book."-–Publishers Weekly

Praise forWaking Up Screaming from the American Dream

"Garfield has a keen eye for the sweet absurdity and pathos of the American dreamer."––The New York Times Book Review

Biographical NoteBOB GARFIELD is the cohost of WNYC's weekly Peabody Award–winningOn the Media. Garfield has been a columnist/contributing editor forThe Washington Post Magazine, The Guardian, andUSA Today, as well as an author, lecturer, podcaster, and broadcast personality on ABC, CBS, CNBC, PBS, and NPR. He lives in suburban Washington, D.C. Learn more at