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By (author): Turow, Scott
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Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Published: July 2023
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 448
Size: 8.00in x 5.25in x 1.12in
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Available: 25 Jul 2023

Additional Notes

From The Publisher*The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Presumed Innocent and The Last Trial returns with a riveting legal thriller in which a reckless private detective is embroiled in a fraught police scandal.

For as long as Lucia Gomez has been the police chief in the city of Highland Isle, near Kindle County, she has known that any woman in law enforcement must walk a precarious line between authority and camaraderie to gain respect.  She has maintained a spotless reputation-until now. Three male police officers have accused her of soliciting sex in exchange for promotions to higher ranks. With few people left who she can trust, Chief Gomez turns to an old friend, Rik Dudek, to act as her attorney in the federal grand jury investigation, insisting to Rik that the accusations against her are part of an ugly smear campaign designed to destroy her career and empower her enemies-both outside the police force and within..
Clarice "Pinky" Granum spent most of her youth experimenting with an impressive array of drugs and failing out of various professions, including the police academy. Pinky knows that in the eyes of most people, she's nothing but a screwup-but she doesn't trust most people's opinions anyway. Moreover, she finally has a respectable-enough job as a licensed P.I. working for Rik on his roster of mostly minor cases, like workman's comp, DUIs and bar fights. Rik's shabby office and even shabbier cases are a far cry from the kinds of high-profile criminal matters Pinky became familiar with in the law office of her grandfather, Sandy Stern. But Rik and Pinky feel that Chief Gomez's case, which has attracted national attention, is their chance to break into the legal big leagues.    
Guided by her gut instinct and razor-sharp investigative skills, Pinky dives headfirst into a twisted scandal that will draw her into the deepest recesses of the city's criminal networks, as well as the human mind. But she will need every scrap of tenacity and courage to unravel the dark secrets those closest to her are determined to keep hidden.
Review Quote*

"Satisfyingly fresh and creative . . . Turow has created one of contemporary fiction's most complicatedly arresting characters, one not easy to adore but one impossible to ignore."

-Chicago Tribune
Review Quote*"Courtroom scenes remain gratifyingly sharp."-New York Times
Review Quote*"The courtroom scenes in Suspect are rich with the character sketches and surprise revelations we've come to expect from a Scott Turow novel. Pinky's own narrative presents a vivid portrait of an offbeat character who, at 33, is still a work in progress. The suspense and intrigue build as the chapters progress, culminating in a breathtaking finale."-Wall Street Journal
Review Quote*

"Turow has long been among the finest writers of legal and crime thrillers, with creative plotting, colorful characters, and exceptional writing . . . Very few writers could create an administrative hearing of a local Police and Fire Commission that is as captivating as any murder trial, with shocking testimony, surprise evidence, and huge emotional swings."

-National Book Review
Review Quote*"One of his best books ever, ripe for the times . . . Great reading entertainment from the first page to the last, a terrific thriller that sprinkles in just enough legalese to please Turow's most ardent fans. Here's hoping we hear from him again soon, and that he brings Pinky along for the ride."-Providence Sunday Journal
Review Quote*"Turow clearly had fun writing this one, and his fans will have fun reading it."-Kirkus
Review Quote*"Pinky's unconventional, socially awkward narration offers a fresh take on sticky legal issues, and Turow's carefully paced, tight plotting complements her dedication to the long game."-Booklist
Review Quote*"Turow's new protagonist is a breath of fresh air."-Los Angeles Times
Review Quote*"Since the '80s, readers have considered bestselling author Scott Turow a king in the legal thriller genre, and in Suspect, he does not disappoint."-The Big Thrill