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One River

Category: Book
By (author): Davis, Wade
Subject:  BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Environmentalists & Naturalists
  SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology
  SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / Cultural & Social
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: August 1997
Format: Book-paperback
Pages: 544
Size: 9.25in x 6.12in x 1.30in
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$ 25.00
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Additional Notes

From The Publisher*The story of two generations of scientific explorers in South America-Richard Evans Schultes and his protégé Wade Davis-an epic tale of adventure and a compelling work of natural history.

In 1941, Professor Richard Evan Schultes took a leave from Harvard and disappeared into the Amazon, where he spent the next twelve years mapping uncharted rivers and living among dozens of Indian tribes. In the 1970s, he sent two prize students, Tim Plowman and Wade Davis, to follow in his footsteps and unveil the botanical secrets of coca, the notorious source of cocaine, a sacred plant known to the Inca as the Divine Leaf of Immortality.

A stunning account of adventure and discovery, betrayal and destruction, One River is a story of two generations of explorers drawn together by the transcendent knowledge of Indian peoples, the visionary realms of the shaman, and the extraordinary plants that sustain all life in a forest that once stood immense and inviolable.
From The Publisher*In the 1940s, biologist Richard Evans Schultes uncovered many of the secrets of the rain forest, relying not only on his own prodigious investigations, but on the wisdom passed down by local tribes. Thirty years later his student, Wade Davis, followed in his footsteps. Two interwoven tales of scientific adventure bring to life the riches of the Amazon basin and bear witness to the destruction of its indigenous culture and natural wonders over two generations.
Biographical NoteWade Davis received his doctorate in ethnobotany from Harvard University and is an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society. He is the author of many books, includingThe Serpent and the RainbowandOne River. He lives in British Columbia, Canada.