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I, Daniel Blake

Director Ken Loach
Country UK, France, Belgium
Year 2016
Rating 14A
Running Time 100
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From The Booth

Daniel Blake is a contemporary character (created by Mr Loach's longtime writing partner, Paul Laverty) who could easily have been taken from the pages of a Charles Dickens novel. In his late 50s, Mr Blake suffers a serious heart attack which leaves him medically unable to work. But, due to a tangle of bureaucratic red tape, he is also unable to receive any welfare benefits. Daniel falls through the cracks created by punitive government funding schemes and spirals into a new found world of poverty. Mr Loach's latest film is a triumph of social realist filmmaking, featuring outstanding performances from Dave Johns and Hayley Squires. Winner of the top prize Palme D'Or at Cannes 2016. In Newcastle English with subtitles. Most Highly Recommended.