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Sing Street

Director John Carney
Country Ireland, UK, USA
Year 2016
Rating 14A
Running Time 106
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From The Booth

From the director of the romantic sleeper hit film Once comes this boisterous re-telling of Carney’s youth in 1980s Dublin. 15-year-old Conor is smitten at first sight by the older (one year) and beguiling Raphida. With startling assurance, Conor seizes the moment by inviting Raphida to shoot a video for his band. First major hurdle: Conor needs to start a band. Romantic infatuation proves to be a mighty motivator as Conor forms said band, dodges bullies at his new school and dreams of getting the girl. Part nostalgia for the 1980s and the music of the MTV generation, and part testament to the power of music, Sing Street is a rollicking romance with infectious songs and the cocky charm that comes from being in a pop band. Recommended.