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A Man Called Otto

Director Marc Forster
Country USA
Year 2022
Rating PG
Running Time 126
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From The Booth

It speaks volumes that Fredrik Backman's novel has sold millions, been translated into numerous languages, and now, has been adapted for film... twice. The first Swedish adaptation was released in 2015, and now it's with Hollywood's everyman superstar, Tom Hanks in the title role as a widower determined to join his wife, but whose plans are constantly thwarted by the love of his neighbours.

"It’s rare that we need two of essentially the same film, rarer than rare, but A Man Called Otto has earned a space in the list of worthy remakes for its big heart and emotionally charged performances that don’t skimp on the comedy." - The Playlist

"It says something about the current state of studio filmmaking in Hollywood that all the things that make A Man Called Otto stand out are things that really should make it commonplace. The film is made with a level of craft and simple competence that has become shockingly rare. A genuine movie star is allowed to radiate charisma and charm, and all the performances have character nuance and emotional depth." - Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

"A small and warmhearted gem starring one of our finest veteran actors in a well-crafted and emotionally involving remake of a film about a widowed curmudgeon who begins to grow and change after experiencing some major life setbacks."
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times.